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"Travel is an Adventure, Experience it!"



I have over 21 years of experience arranging leisure travel and started Wandering Puffin, my own travel agency, currently in its 11th year. Having completed many destination specialist programs both in the United States and abroad has enhanced my knowledge,  allowing me to develop professional relationships and gain access to many resources. With this I am able to provide you the best value and expertise for your next travel adventure. Distance is not a problem as I have clients from all over the US as well as Canada, Europe and Australia.


Whether your interests include castle stays in Ireland, golfing in Scotland, cruising the Fjords of Norway, walking the historic beaches of Normandy, Europe's history and culture offers many opportunities to fulfill your discriminating palate. Being a foodie and former chef, I can lend my expertise in planning a wine or culinary experience in France, enjoying Oktoberfest in Germany, or wandering the backroads of Tuscany. Your customized travel adventure will be as unique as you are.


As a travel professional and former educator, I pride myself in giving each and every client the time they deserve to make sure that their expectations are exceeded. From the initial consultation, to the follow up after your adventure and everything in between, I will be there through the whole process addressing all questions and concerns, so let me know how I can arrange your next adventure to Europe and beyond.


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to introduce myself.




My passion for travel started at a very young age. At age twelve, I lived in Poitiers, France for a year, being immersed in the culture and have since crossed the pond many times. I have spent considerable time in over 40 European countries and have traveled to over 55 countries in the world.  To keep my experiences fresh, I try to travel outside the US once or twice each year, revisiting many of the destinations I arrange, but also adding new adventures. My travels have included river and ocean cruises, self-drives, biking and train travel, so I can provide you the nuances of each experience in deciding what is the best option or combination for you. In addition, I have visited all 50 US states and all 10 Canadian provinces. 


Member of the local Better Business Bureau of Minnesota/North Dakota.

Jaimie Bachrach - Black Sea - Odessa Ukraine

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jamison Bachrach, but you can call me Jamie or the Wandering Puffin.

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