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Independent Travel Specialist

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"Travel is an Adventure, Experience it!"


Why the Wandering Puffin? Where did the name come from?  Wandering Puffin LLC is now in its 11th year. The name Wandering Puffin LLC came about as I have a passion for puffins, the little birds with colorful beaks, commonly confused with penguins, the first of which I saw in Alaska almost 30 years ago and also commonly known as Clownbirds. I have seen them in places such as Iceland, Norway, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Scotland among others. Puffins are confused with penguins, but except for the fact that they are both seabirds and black and white, that is where the similarities end. They are not related but it does seem that they do wander the globe quite a bit and offered the perfect name!


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Hence, I have a rather large eclectic collection of puffins from all the places I have traveled. Maybe passion is not the right word, obsession perhaps. The wandering part comes from my passion for exploration. This is how I like to travel, not necessarily on a set path, but to just wander around, and yes, I do get to see all the important sites of a destination, just not necessarily in any particular order. I guess travel has been in my blood since an early age. I have been to over 55 countries and counting, including having lived in France for a year as a teenager. I am in the process of conquering Europe in reverse of Attila the Hun, west to east. Having some Hungarian in me, this is most appropriate. I have only a few more countries in Europe to conquer, all in the eastern part of the continent, so come join me in planning your travel adventures to Europe and beyond.


I specialize in independent European travel planning, specifically, the countries of central and Eastern Europe, as well as Scandinavia. I have a passion for taking the ideas of my clients, providing my recommendations and creating an amazing adventure for them. For me, the puzzle is the challenge and I live vicariously through each and every adventure I create for my clients. I equate this to finishing the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle, which I have only done once, but always trying. If a situation seems impossible, I will figure out an option that works. If a client wants something to enhance their experience;  as long as it is legal and they are willing to pay for it, I will figure out how to get it done.